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Laundry, my favorite how too!

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

We’ve made it quick and convenient for you to manage your laundry on a daily basis.

The mountainous piles of laundry that haunt👻 you daily!

What is my treat🍭 or is it a trick you ask? No it is not a trick!

Take a Friday night with music or a movie and catch up all of the laundry. Once your laundry is caught up this is where the easy part starts.......begin having everyone toss their dirty laundry in the washer after their showers on a daily basis. Once the last piece of laundry is in the wash, start the washer on quick wash, along with a timer. After the timer goes off then you know the rest........"Easy peasy, lemon squeezy," Preston says!

One to two loads of laundry a day will give you so much peace as opposed to ten or fifteen loads of laundry in one or two days, depending on your family size of course.

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