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Companies I Trust

We all want the BEST companies to work for us in our most valuable places! So please consider the below candidates to work for you and those you care about. We all thank you for your consideration.

Flooring & Upholstery

COmpany KG Image.jpg

KG Cleaning Service, Inc. is a high quality, highly experienced flooring and upholstery cleaning service. They also offer carpet restretching and repairs. 

This company is the type of company that represents the United States of America long ago. They are founded on God, honesty, and hard work. KG Cleaning Service truly is a pillar to our community.


To put it another way, you cannot go wrong choosing KG Cleaning Service to handle your home, office, and/or company needs. 

To see for yourself please click the link below.

Commercial & Residential Painting

As for your Commercial and Residential painting needs, please reach out to Oscar Castillo. 

Oscar is a high-quality painter with a background in both commercial and residential painting. He can be trusted with your commercial and residential painting needs. 

Please visit his portfolio on          Instagram.

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