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Clean or go on an ADVENTURE?

Camping with one of the loves of my LIFE!

To Clean or NOT to clean! To take an ADVENTURE or be responsible! Decisions! Decisions! Some we like to make and others we'd rather AVOID. Consider reading this blog as an attempt to help one NOT to remain as an avoider, but to help become an OVERCOMER!

Let's begin with a hard fact about me, I am a workaholic! I most likely will never be the one coaching you to chill.....but the one who will say get UP!!!! GET GOING!!!! It's NEVER enough.

With that being said, when I choose to CHILL, I love an adventure, such as camping, kayaking, SUB, hiking and/or walking, beach trips or sitting by a warm fire! No this is not a singles ad, but more a blog to inspire you to get on a DAILY ROUTINE of caring for your responsibilities

or consider bringing trades in to help maintain the responsibilities so that you can enjoy a well balanced life.

Training yourself and loved ones to pick up after there selves is crucial to a peaceful and abundant life. An example of this would be cleaning up during and after one finishes cooking, taking a shower, homework, playing with toys, completing art work and/or other hobbies of interest. To help this not to seem like such a daunting task, turn on a favorite music playlist, podcast, audiobook or something of the similar liking and set a timer for 30, 45 or 60 minutes. You will be amazed at how quick and easy this new found routine becomes.

Also, consider a once a week reset. This just means you set aside four or more hours to not only food prep, but to clean bathrooms, kitchen, change sheets, pull trash and any other desired task that would bring your home back to 100% for the following week. This will completely free your mind to focus on Father God, family, career and/or school. The amount of peace, joy and abundance that flows through this routine is indescribable. IT'S A FREE MUST HAVE! ☺️

Another subject to discuss is clutter. Seriously, ask yourself do you need all of this STUFF? Is it bringing you JOY or something else to DUST? Is it attractive or is the trash can more appropriate for the object in question? If it is something useful such as a tool, clothing article, a piece of décor or any other physical object that no longer brings JOY to your life or is of no use then consider donating it to a non-profit such as No Longer Bound or potentially sell it for extra cash to put toward savings.

With all of this being said, I hope this inspired you to think about a decluttering weekend and a fun music playlist. Followed by a deep clean with a finale of daily routine cleans and a potential once a week complete reset (see YouTube for more great information on what resets look like).

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